Filofax Chameleon in Personal Size

I'm just in the process of having a good clear out after having moved house a few months ago, 
finally I'm getting around to sorting through the far too numerous binders and planners that I have. I was lucky enough to buy a large box of Filofaxes late lest year, 10 in total, I chose a few that I wanted to keep and plan to sell the rest via eBay. Today I am featuring the Filofax Chameleon in personal size, a organiser considered to be of high quality and potentially somewhat rare.

This binder is made from leather and came in a variety of colours, externally it has a leather clasp with a stud and a rippled effect finish. When sold as new it would have contained a diary, a selection of papers and dividers as you would expect.

Whilst it's not my personal taste the whole planner has a quality feel and look about it and would appear to appeal to the upper end of the market.

Internally it has 23mm rings in stainless steel which has the Filofax logo etched onto it along with a pen loop made in the same leather as the organiser. On the left hand side there is a large pocket and top you will find space for 6 credit cards and another slot for a notepad or accessories.

On the right (internal back) side you will find a zippered pocket wish would be ideal for storing coins and notes. It does only have the one pen loop, but I feel a 2nd loop would probably get in the way. Without being at the risk of sounding sexist, I would propose that the organiser is probably aimed at a more female market, however, I would quite happily use this as a secondary binder or maybe a place to store extra papers.

The binder overall is quite rigid and I find that difficult to deal with, I'm a Malden user so I love lots of "fold-ability" and this definitely doesn't have that. Many Filofax fans do like a more rigid organiser so with this one you wouldn't be disappointed! If you were considering to make a purchase of a chameleon I don't think you would be unhappy, it's definitely one of the better models that Filofax make and one that appears to still be quite popular.


  1. I think you mean that the rings are 23mm not 2.5 mm ;) Measure the internal diameter.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Steve, you are of course absolutely correct, i'm still learning! I have amended my blog post accordingly. Is there such a thing as a Filofax rings size guide?


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