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I’ve spent the last few months trawling the internet searching for websites that are related to planners and organisers and here is what I have found. There so many more brands out there than I could have imagined, I thought that this market would be shrinking in modern times, not expanding! Wherever possible I have added a hyperlink to the exact page that contains the organisers, if none are currently listed I have linked to the main webpage or parent company. In some instances, I could not find a website for the manufacturer so I have linked it to a google images search instead. On some rarer occasions, I have added a link to either an eBay or Amazon listing instead. This is by no means the final list and I welcome any suggestions or input you may have, please email me filofaxist (at) gmail dot com. This list or previous versions can also be seen on Philofaxy dot com, I intend to update this on a frequent basis.
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The Manchester Stationery show is nearly upon us! Who's excited?I know I am, I will be visiting under the guise of my Pseudonym "The Filofaxist" as a blogger looking to review products. This something i'm more than happy to do as I love ALL things stationery!!! I will be attending on the Wednesday and hope to do some live reviews and maybe a few videos as well, check back next week for more news. Sadly it doesn't appear that Filofax will be going but I believe that there will be other journal and organiser vendors there.
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You can be sure of a warm welcome at the Victoria Warehouse in Old Trafford, Manchester next week on Tuesday & Wednesday, 31 October and 1 November and you'll be part of a great new event for the UK stationery industry.
Please note: We will re-send your registration/badge email out to this Friday, so do look out for …