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Brand new Filofax Pen Holders

I've been a naughty boy this week and splashed out on some new bits for me and my good lady wife, I spent nearly £50 and ended up with these beauties! I bought myself the pen holder with pen in black in both A5 and personal size whilst I bought my wife the same sizes but the blue colour. You will notice immediately that the black ones are fully black but the blue ones have blue outer pockets but the middle piece is transparent. The black holders come with a brown pen (from the botanics range) whilst all the the others that are available come with the a matching coloured pen.

The complete range from the actual Filofax website features just A5 and personal holders with 5 colours in total, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black. These colours are very much in keeping with a lot of the current on trend organisers that Filofax stock, I think they lack a little imagination but I suppose it is still early days and they are at least trying something out. I am surprised that the packaging has s…