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Paperchase patterned vinyl organiser

I may trade under the name of the Filofaxist but I have an appreciation of all things from the world of planners and organisation, so today's review is about a paperchase binder. 

Paperchase have been stockists of Filofax  products for many years and until recently had a good selection of quality items, sadly this seems no longer to be the case. They do offer their own range of planners, something I've looked at many times whilst browsing through their store, most of it looks like chintz, not something that appeals to me. 

I like my planners to be business like and functional, not flowery and pretty, I'm using it for work or ideas and sometimes journalling. This binder is only a half decent product with not a great deal worth getting excited about, not something I would pay full price for.
I can say it's not the worst binder I have ever seen nor is it the best, it's made of cheap plastic material, the inserts are plain and boring but it would at least perform it's…