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German Filofax Insert-Business Kommunikation

I sneakily purchased a German language insert from Amazon last week which arrived this morning. I mainly bought it for curiosity and didn't really know what I was getting but was too intrigued not to give it a try.

It appears to be in insert for German speakers to be able to do business in England, circa 1998. There is a cheesy image of "Business people" on the front cover and some basic details as shown. 
On the back there is just the wording of one of the inserts, no special cover or anything fancy.

The inserts just have general phrases in German that are then translated into English as you can see in this photo. The whole thing isn't particularly exciting but it is interesting to see what Filofax offered in other countries. Can't decide whether to keep it or not, does anyone else have anything similar to share?

Filofax Pocket Sized Mirror

This was what I would call a very rare find as these things seldom appear on eBay anymore and Filofax stopped selling them years ago. This one came to me in its original wrapper and is in perfect condition. The light obviously reflects on the mirror surface so it was difficult to capture a good shot but didn't turn out too bad. The cover is somewhat sexist with its depiction of a woman applying her lipstick but this is probably who it was aimed at. From the colour coding on the front this mirror is intended for the Pocket sized Filofax but is actually classed as Multifit so it will actually fit in Pocket, Personal, A5 & A4 Filofaxes. Whilst I don't check myself in the mirror that often, I will be keeping this one as its an original and may even come in useful one day!

Unbranded black binder with black inserts

Hello again and thanks for having a nosy at my Filofax blog, today's review is all about an unknown branded organiser, again not Filofax but still very interesting. I would suggest that it's size is that of personal were it to be a genuine Filofax, it has 6 rings in that configuration.
Despite this binder looking fairly dull and quite rubbery it has been really well made and the inserts are extremely interesting. The outer cover is quite plain but has a nice feel to it, its not leather and is most likely PU like so may other "Fake" filofaxes. It closes quite well but will not lay flat, it has a simple press stud on the closure and a basic PU pen loop.

This binder doe actually have a ring protector, which is a nice feature and not one you actually see in many filofaxes so is an added bonus. The left side has what I would call a window for a business card along with 3 credit card slots and an internal pocket

The exciting bit here is the all black inserts with a matt finis…