Unbranded black binder with black inserts

Hello again and thanks for having a nosy at my Filofax blog, today's review is all about an unknown branded organiser, again not Filofax but still very interesting. I would suggest that it's size is that of personal were it to be a genuine Filofax, it has 6 rings in that configuration.

Despite this binder looking fairly dull and quite rubbery it has been really well made and the inserts are extremely interesting. The outer cover is quite plain but has a nice feel to it, its not leather and is most likely PU like so may other "Fake" filofaxes. It closes quite well but will not lay flat, it has a simple press stud on the closure and a basic PU pen loop.

This binder doe actually have a ring protector, which is a nice feature and not one you actually see in many filofaxes so is an added bonus. The left side has what I would call a window for a business card along with 3 credit card slots and an internal pocket

The exciting bit here is the all black inserts with a matt finish, I've never seen anything like it before. They don't seem practical to me as you would need a white ink or white chalk based pen which seems very impractical. Internally it has a plain black plastic flyleaf to start, then a total of 6 unlabelled black plastic dividers. The first section is a perpetual monthly planner, 12 sheets in total, all the text is in silver/grey.

The next section has a perpetual weekly page, Monday to Wednesday on the left side and Thursday to Sunday on the right hand side.

This is followed by a Notes section, about 20 pages.

This section is just plain, its also worth mentioning that the paper feels quite good quality, its certainly thicker than your standard Filofax paper.

There is even a section of Quadrille notepaper.

The last section has the obligatory Telephone/Address page, the address mentions "state" and "Zip" so I can only presume that this organiser originates from the USA?

Slightly arty shot!

The internal back page has the other ring protector and one internal pocket. The outer cover is just plain.
It's not the most exciting little binder I have seen but the black paper inserts do interest me, not one for me to keep so will probably go on eBay again.


  1. I have a similar one from a well know German supermarket. Very well made but not leather and nice paper

  2. I have a similar one from a well know German supermarket. Very well made but not leather and nice paper

  3. Interesting inserts. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. oh that would be so fun to write in with neon gel pens

  5. There really wasn't any quality with this one which is a shame as I really liked the concept of it being black for a change.


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