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Seriously, will this ever end? I've been creating and updating this list for 3 years now, I love doing it but I never get chance anymore. I have a full time job, a business on the side and a ever-demanding 4 year old so never get time to do things for myself. This is the most up-to-date version for summer 2020 and I hope you like it.

​ This is my most up to date list of ring bound organisers, planners, and notebooks that I have found. There so many more brands out there than I could have imagined, I thought that this market would be shrinking in modern times, not expanding! Wherever possible I have added a hyperlink to the exact page that contains the organisers, if none are currently listed, I have linked to the main webpage or parent company. In some instances, I could not find a website for the manufacturer, so I have linked it to a google images search instead. On some rarer occasions, I have added a link to either an eBay or Amazon listing instead. This is by no means the final…