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Post-It Notes for your Filofax

If you own a Filofax I would be massively surprised if you didn't own a Post-It note or 2! I own pretty much every type of sticky note you can imagine and I use plenty of them in my organisers, mainly Post-It brand, obviously the Filofax own brand ones plus quite a few other none-too-well-known brands. A few years ago I noticed a range of Post-It notes branded under the "Mobile" umbrella, these intrigued me so I had a further delve. These have never been available in the UK but were marketed originally for the US market and have made it in to a few other European locations as well. These items tend to be sticky notes or flags that will fit into an organiser or will attach to a bag, wallet or purse. To date I have only been able to get a set via Amazon due to its Global Shipping Programme, shipping from the USA is just ridiculous so I have avoided wasting my money thus far!

I absolutely love this and will be putting into a pocket sized organis…