Brown Crocodile effect organiser by the Book People.

I'm happy to spend some time with just about any type of organiser and give it the benefit of the doubt before I use it, which is what I did with this one. This one came from a charity shop and features a page inside saying it's made by the book people who are now known as the gift people, they used to drop books off at your workplace for you to sample and then buy.

It may have a look of crocodile skin but it certainly lacks the quality, it's made from cheap rubber or at a push maybe PU leather, but certainly not real leather.

You can always tell when a organiser is made badly, the credit card slots inside always look slightly open and seem to peel away slightly, a leather Filofax or organiser should hold its shape even if its being used a lot.

That said, the inner pages are packed full of useful pages for notes, addresses and a diary as well as plenty of tabs and dividers, at the time of it's realise it probably looked like a good deal

It even came with a page divider, not always something you get in these cheaper type binders.

The paper quality wasn't all that good either, very thin and sometimes almost transparent, it didn't exactly ooze quality.

There were some plastic card wallets as well, not the greatest of quality but still not that much better than the ones you get in a Filofax.

Despite being a relic of the 80's the rings were still tight and the mechanism was still working, overall the whole organiser was in reasonable condition despite being a poor imitation to an actual Filofax.

I can't I'm impressed with this one so I sold it straight on, always worth a look though!


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