Filofax Personal Chester-Tapestry

If anyone has any details on the production or dates of manufacture on this model please do get in touch, 
the filofaxist at G mail dot com.

I don't ever profess to be an expert at this but I do believe this is quite a rare Filofax and is known as a Chester "tapestry" which is no surprise considering the look of it!

Whilst not to my taste the cover is quite smart and definitely good quality if not a little garish. The internal lettering makes no claims of it being made from Leather but it does feel like it, at least the outer part looks like leather.

The inside has more of a PU leather feel about it but i'm not completely sure. The left inside pocket has 6 credit card slots and a full length pocket underneath.

It of course has the brand name and title with is in a lovely gold print which gives it that extra feel of quality.

There's another full length pocket on the right internal side, one pen loop and a press stud enclosure.

The rings are perfect on this one, the central spine even has a Filofax "F" logo in the middle.

As I bought this one from a charity store it does have some minor damage, time to get sewing!


  1. i love the Chester Tapestry. I would love to find one!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I just so happens that i'm selling this online!

  2. Just stumbled in here, oops!

    I have the very Chester Tapestry as pictured above. They are legend to be almost as rare as hens teeth. It was gifted to me by my daughter, must be 20 odd years ago. It has been a well looked after present, superceded by a plain grey Urban. Nothing wrong with the Tapestry, it is as new and lives the looked after role of contacts and address/phone book,the Urban my day to day all in one tome. I value both, they are with me to stay.


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