Yellow Filofax "Active" review

I got lucky this week after a visit to the local charity shop, I spotted an actual Filofax, not a cheap copy, an actual Filofax! (I also spotted a cheap copy but I will review that another time). I only paid £3 and I even found a diary insert for this year as well.

I was lucky enough to own one of these in red about 15 years ago, I picked the original one up in Tesco round about 2002 for £15 and fell in love with it straight away! For some odd reason I parted with my original one when I moved house a few years later, a moment of sheer madness.

It's personal in size, made from a strong plastic material, possibly vinyl or PU leather, has an internal zip on the left hand inside with 6 credit card slots over that and a small mesh pocket. The back has a large pocket that would have held a notepad and it of course comes with the obligatory Filofax personal sized ruler/today marker.

As far as quality is concerned this would have been a well made and superbly presented product when it went on sale originally and has a very 90's feel about it. Even today it's still in great shape and looks just as new, it's definitely keeper for me but I could be tempted to swap if a red one came on the market!

I'm a big fan of the zip around binder and own quite a few, I like the fact that you can close it up and this will keep any of the loose contents secure. I also feel that they hold a bit more mystery to them as you can't see what the owner has inside it, there will be no dividers on show.

I often feel that it looks like a yellow sports car, bright, bold and possibly garish, not to everyone's taste but definitely desirable.

I still prefer my leather organisers over any other material as they have real quality and history, but this is a fun alternative and I'm glad to have it in my collection.


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